16 May 2009

Scarborough - Yorkshire Open Masters 2009

Yorkshire Swimming Association Open Masters 2009 Results

Scarborough Report by Michael Keeble

Gainsborough Wrinklies

30 Gold medals
20 silver medals
11 Bronze medals
18 wins
8 second
8 third
5 County records
14 relays
11 individual competing male swimmers
1 relay only male
2 oops I got my entry in too late males
4 individual competing ladies
2 relay only ladies

We fielded one of the biggest teams ever at Scarborough this year.  A total of 20 potential swimmers (2 entered too late) and a huge haul of 61 medals of which nearly half were gold.  21 people stayed over, fully booking the hotel.  
If it is true that we enjoy relays most of all, then this was the event to really go for it.  14 relays in all competed in by:

Steve Lormor (8 relays)
Keith Palmer (4 relays)
Chris Webster (3 relays)
James Lugg (6 relays)
Steve Morris (2 relays)
Jari Goddard (4 relays)
Mike Keeble (7 relays)
Richard Cafferata (2 relays)
Dawn Bottoms (1 relay)
Anne Jolly (1 relay)
Dawn Clark (2 relays
Sam Garrison (8 relays)
Godfrey Green (4 relays)
Pauline Brand (2 relays)

The ladies were statistically far superior to the men in terms of the proportion of medals won (in particular gold) to the numbers of swimmers.  Excluding relay medals, Pauline won a clean sweep of 8 gold medals, and Sam won 2 gold and one silver.  Pauline went on to win another 2 gold medals in the relays and Sam 3 gold one silver and one bronze.  By my calculations that means that Pauline and Sam won half of all the gold medals between them, and more than two thirds of the individual golds.  The men fought back with the records though.  Chris broke his own county record for the 100m fly by a significant margin, and Godfrey won the other four county records in 50m free, 100 Breast, 50m Fly and 100m IM.
The evening statistics were also revealing.  In effect we split into two initial groups.  The older group sat around telling each other how mischievous they had been when they had been younger, and the younger group just went ahead and did it.  The older group got some takeaways and ate them in the hotel.  Nobody seems sure whether the younger group ate anything or not, although there was some vague idea that one of the pubs could have been Wetherspoons, in which case they might have eaten. 
Meanwhile, the older group (minus one who had decided that she needed to check the insides of her eyelids a little closer) having drifted on to the Scarborough Arms happened upon a Karaoke night.  I will cast a veil over the rest of the night in order to respect the sensitivities of those that were singled out to make the rest suffer.  Suffice to say that Britain may have talent, but that night, Gainsborough Wrinklies certainly did not.  The Karaoke closed at midnight and the massed Wrinkly choir sang a farewell ditty and meandered back to the hotel. 
From what I can gather, the younger group had by now lost one of its number who had slipped away from what must have been a punishing drinking schedule and returned to the hotel.  Another who had succumbed to the negative effects of what I understand is known as a White Russian, had been advised that he could not enter the hostelry to which the majority had adjourned.  It is at this stage that accounts of the evening become very vague indeed.   It is certain that a small group returned to the hotel in the early hours and proceeded to throw footwear at each other.  I am also given to understand that the combatant that had been wounded by the White Russian returned at about this time, and proceeded to make calls on the big white telephone all night, much to the disgust of his roommate.  Only one was declared Missing in Action.  He, it seems, returned at around 6am and promptly fell asleep until waking in a panic in the late morning when he realised he should have been out of his room by 10.30am.  It should also be mentioned here that one of the younger set never even managed to make it to Scarborough.
Generally speaking it seems that this was one of the best Scarboroughs ever, and one which will no doubt be remembered in another 15 years or so.
So back to the swimming:
Women’s Open 100m Breaststroke
Our only swimmer in this event was Pauline, who started her run of 8 gold medals with this event.
Men’s 100+ Medley Relay
The team for this event comprised Steve Lormor (Back), Keith Palmer (Breast), Chris Webster (Fly) and James Lugg (Free).  The team won a silver in this event being beaten by York City, but beating New Earswick (also from York).
Men’s 180+ Medley
This team comprised Mike Keeble (Back), Keith Palmer (Breast), Jari Goddard (Fly) and Richard Cafferata (Free).  These too won a silver, beating Rykneld (Clay Cross, Derbyshire) and being beaten by Stalybridge (Manchester).  Incidentally, this team would have beaten the Wrinklies 100+ medley by nearly 8 seconds.
Men’s 50m Breaststroke
Keith managed a time which by my reckoning is a personal best.  At the very least it gives him a higher county ranking speed.  Steve didn’t manage to break the 40 second barrier, but got as close as he could with a 40.00, winning him a bronze medal.  Godfrey started his campaign off with a win, although he failed to make a record, having already been credited with the record in this event from his time at the Long Course event in February.
Women’s 50m Backstroke
Anne may have been a bit disappointed with her time here as it was quite a bit slower than her county ranking time.  She could have used the distraction caused by bringing her complete family with her if she hadn’t managed to palm most of them off on Little Dawn who seemed to be very happy looking after the children.  Pauline went on to win her second gold.
Men’s Open 100m Fly
This was Chris’ tour de force.  Having established a new record in our own club championships earlier this year, he knocked nearly half a second off his own record to establish a new county record of 1:07.72 and a silver medal.
Women’s 100m Free
Anne may have been happier with this time as it ranks her 5th in the county with her first ranking time for this distance.  Pauline picked up her third gold medal.
Men’s 140+ medley relay
Competing for us were Steve Lormor (Back), Steve Morris (Breast), Jari Goddard (Fly) and James Lugg.  Unfortunately we were beaten into 6th place by some of the bigger clubs, but did manage to beat South Axholm.
Men’s 50m Free
In spite of fielding 9 of the available 11 swimmers, none of them managed to improve on their county ranking times.  Swimming were Michael Patchett, Luke Watson, James Lugg, Keith Palmer, Chris Webster, Richard Cafferata, Jari Goddard, Mike Keeble and Godfrey Green.  Only Mike and Godfrey won medals (bronze), and Godfrey recorded his first county record of the event.
Women’s 50m Fly
Sam won a convincing gold here recording one of the fastest times of the race in any age group, although slower than her county ranking time.
Men’s 100m Backstroke
Michael Patchett destroyed his previous ranking time by over 3 seconds but even so did not quite manage to get into the medals.
Women’s 100m IM
Sam managed a silver in this race, and Pauline recorded her 4th win.
Mixed 220+ medley relay
We managed to win this race quite comfortably.  In fact there were no other teams in sight.  Team members: Mike Keeble (Back), Godfrey Green (Breast), Sam Garrison (Fly) and Pauline Brand (Free).
Mixed 100+ free relay
The team members were: Dawn Bottoms, Steve Lormor, Sam Garrison and James Lugg.  Unfortunately we came last.
Mixed 180+ medley relay
We were beaten into second place in this relay in which (to add to my other failings) I was beaten in the backstroke leg by a girl (and not one of 65 either Mrs Trott).  The rest of the team were Godfrey (Breast), Sam (Fly) and Anne.
Mixed 140+ free relay
A bit of a hiatus at the beginning of this race when we realised that we were missing a swimmer didn’t really help us much, but in spite of this we didn’t come last.  Swimmers were: Steve Lormor, Mike Keeble, Sam Garrison, Dawn Bottoms.
Men’s and Women’s 200m Free
I have no record of any previous times for James in this event, so maybe it was his first time.  If it was, well done him, he won a silver.  It was certainly Anne’s first time; it will give her a time to beat next time.  Pauline picked up her fifth gold.
Men’s 100m Breaststroke
Steve did OK in this event with a bronze and a pretty good time.  This was Adrian’s first race and he too managed a bronze.   Godfrey managed his second gold and also his second county record.
Men’s 100+ free relay
What a race this was!  Typically we do better at the medleys than we do at the free relays, but not this time.  A fabulous race which went right down to the touch was won by our illustrious team of Chris Webster, Steve Lormor, James Lugg and Keith Palmer with Keith doing his aggressive best to give us a race to remember.  His takeover was rather slow so that the slight lead he had been given at the takeover was lost and he and the York man entered the water together.  It was all down to who wanted it most, and I’m pleased to say it was Keith.  A brilliant gold in a seriously impressive time of 52.64.
Men’s 180+ free relay
Although the team managed a faster time than the 100+ in the medley, there was no chance of that in the free relay.  Nonetheless, we won a creditable silver.  Team members were Jari Goddard, Richard Cafferata, Mike Keeble and Keith Palmer.
Women’s 50m Breaststroke
This was Gemma’s opening event, but unfortunately she didn’t quite improve on her county ranking time.  If she had she probably could have won a bronze.  Pauline won yet another gold; her 6th.
Men’s 50m Backstroke
Michael Patchett once again smashed his county ranking time by nearly a second, but just got edged out of the medals.  Adrian proved what I had believed, that his backstroke is improving steadily, bu improving on his county ranking  time, even though he didn’t manage to get a medal.  In an effort to live down the shame of being beaten by not only a man doing old English backstroke and a girl, I tried to use a faster arm turnover.  This led to me messing up both my turn and my finish, but I wasn’t too unhappy with my position of 2nd to the GB record holder.
Men’s 100m Free
Luke again showed the lack of training, coming in much slower than his county ranking time.  James had no time to compare to, but Chris improved his ranking time in this event unlike Richard and Adrian.  Regrettably no medals to show for this race.
Men’s 140+ free relay
140+ doesn’t seem to be a good age for us.  We won no medals in this age group in any of the relays, so it comes as no surprise that we came 5th in this one, though we did beat South Axholme.  Competing were Chris Webster, Steve Lormor, Jari Goddard, James Lugg.
Women’s 50m free
Sam won a gold in this event in a time which was a whisker outside her county ranking time, and Pauline won her 7th gold.  Not a bad haul, 100% gold medals.
Men’s 50m Fly
We wrinkly chaps seem to have a bit of a penchant for the 50 fly.  Well not me obviously, but 5 of my colleagues do.   Luke finally found form with a storming 33.78 which makes a significant difference to his county ranking time, Keith was close to his county time and was rewarded with a bronze, as was Chris although unfortunately not below the magic 30 point this time.  If only Jari were to train as hard as he works at the excuses he would probably not have dropped the second and a bit from his county time.  Godfrey won a gold with a very satisfactory time which also gets him the county record.
Women’s 100m Backstroke
Gemma’s time in this race should give her no 1 county ranking and represents an excellent effort.  It would be nice to see her train more often and perhaps improve these times.  Pauline won her 8th and final gold.  It’s worth noting here that none of our swimmers swam in so many events, and that had Pauline been in a Yorkshire ASA affiliated club, she would almost certainly have won the swimmer of the competition award.  She swam 800m in races, that’s more than some of you train in a week!
Men’s 100m IM
Michael Patchett’s improvements have been seen to be spectacular, but never more so than in this event when he knocked 7 seconds from his previous best.  Keith managed to match exactly his time in the rankings, whereas Adrian was somewhat slower, as was Godfrey, but then Godfrey also won gold and a record.
Mixed 220+ free relay
Once more we won this out of sight.  There hardly seemed to be any competition.  Those present: Pauline Brand, Godfrey Green, Mike Keeble, Sam Garrison.
Mixed 100+ Medley
Well a bronze will do, although I thought we’d actually managed to pip them to the pads. 
Mixed 180+ Free
This was a clear win even though the other team were disqualified for an illegal takeover.  Taking part were: Anne Jolly, Godfrey Green, Mike Keeble, Sam Garrison.
Mixed 140+ Medley
Well this age group may not have been our best, but we did well here to come 4th against stiff competition.  Our final illustrious team were: Steve Lormor (Back), Steve Morris (Breast), Sam Garrison (fly), Dawn Clark (free).

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